• William and Janice Eppstein Fiction Award 1964
  • Community Grange Award for Citizenship
  • H & E Daroff Memorial Award for Fiction 1963
  • Fromm Reichmann Award 1967
  • Kenner Award 1971
  • Christopher Award 1971
  • DHL Gallaudet College 1979
  • DL Western Maryland College 1977
  • Rocky Mountain Women’s Institute Award 1983
  • DHL University of Colorado 1987
  • Denver Public Library Bookplate Award 1990
  • Colorado Author of the Year 1991
  • CSM Distinguished Lecturer 1996
  • CSM Medal 1999


  • “A miracle of empathy, a tour de force of imaginative conjecture … Writers were invented to produce books like this.”
  • – Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times on In This Sign
  • “Excellent … not only artistically ‘beautiful’ but morally and spiritually beautiful as well.”
  • – Joyce Carol Oates, Chicago Tribune on Rites of Passage
  • “Greenberg writes as brilliantly and familiarly of her adopted Colorado as Willa Cather did of her childhood in Nebraska.”
  • Washington Star on Founder’s Praise

  • “Thought-provoking and heartwarming … compellingly believable characterizations as well as a vibrant evocation of an ordinary life touched by pain and joy, love and sharing, commitment and hope.”
  • Booklist on A Season of Delight

  • “Greenberg hits her full storytelling stride. Stimulating and involving.”
  • Kirkus Reviews on Where The Road Goes