Jubilee Year – In the isolated ski-resort town of Gold Flume, longtime Sheriff Jay Isaacs, prepares to confront three teens for a condo break-in. On his way to the county seat of Aureole, with the teens in custody in the dead of winter, an earthquake shakes the mountain and creates an avalanche which seals off the small town from the rest of civilization.

No passage out of town, no electricity, no Wi-Fi. And with the spring melt, the town will soon be underwater. In Joanne Greenberg’s Jubilee Year, the world is flipped upside down as the town must revert to the old days and old skills to survive a brutal winter with no electricity, no Wi-Fi, no cell phones, no modern conveniences. It’s a clash of culture, values, age and youth, as a divided town must come together to survive.

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This book is a fascinating study in what would happen if a modern community suddenly lost all access to modernity. The action is well paced with snappy dialog and deep character development. Ms. Greenberg opens the door to Her characters’ pain and joy, without preaching or sentimentality. I found myself liking the unlikable people and feeling disappointment towards the likeable ones. In one scene a history teacher is telling the town Sheriff that he will set traps against perspective looters. It would be one thing for the town Badass to take that attitude, but you find it shocking in the mild-mannered, bookish history teacher.

Good character driven fiction must have deep, 3-dimensional people. This book certainly does that. All in all, I enjoyed it immensely.

—Bitco David


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