My Big Excitement

My big excitement for the month was the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. In the middle of my glorying over the ease with which it works, Albert got some kind of automotive gunk on the bottom of his shoes and tracked up every carpet in the house before I pointed it out to him. Even so, using the new vacuum is a newfound delight.

Thought of the Day

Yom Kippur 2018

I don’t usually go sniffing around my memories like a CSI on TV after DNA, but every so offers one comes up out of the swamp in a bubble. It was 1938, New York City in spring, when people come out to smell the flowers

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Jubilee Year 2019
The King’s Persons 1963
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden 1964
The Monday Voices 1965
Summering: A Book of Short Stories 1966
In This Sign 1970