Insomnia Goes to the Doctor

Ague, acne, carcinoma,
Anthrax, boils, granuloma
Botulism lues, cystitis
Beri-beri, blepheritis.

Dandruff, diabetes, coma,
Chancre, shingles, melanoma,
Atalectesis, arthritis,
Alzheimer’s and dermatitis.

Creutfield-Jacobs, diarrhea,
Cholera and gonorrhea,
Fibrillation, retinitis,
Septicemia, St. Vitus.

Quinsy, scurvy, syphilis, scabies,
Usher’s, ulcers, tetanus, rabies,
Toxic shock, stenosis, sprain,
Roseola, rupture, sprain

Epistaxis, halitosis,
Hangnail, atherosclerosis,
Lichen, planus, laryngitis,
Pheumothorax, yaws, nephritis,

Macular degeneration,
Paranoia, constipation,
Malaria, pediculosis,
Placenta previa, psychosis.

Plurisy, pertussis, itch,
Pemphigus and facial twitch,
Dysemennorrhea and colitis,
Erysipelas, phlebitis,

Yellow fever, croup, stenosis,
Torticullis, trichinosis,
Warts and ronchi, tic, cirrhosis,
Hemmoroids, Addison’s, necrosis.

Migraine and nystigums,
Quartan fever, flu,
Tourette’s and the measles.
Scarlet fever, sprue.

Gangrene, lupus, rales, trachoma,
Tinnitus and bone sarcoma,
Leprosy and herpes, hemophilia,
Pick’s disease, bubonic, then, diphtheria.

Neuropathy, neuritis,
Mumps and the gastritis,
Syncope and sickle-cell.
And I’m not feeling very well.