Amazing What You Find on the Web

While engaging in a bit of Ego Surfing, I came upon this article in the Daily Kos. While I am certainly grateful, there are a few corrections that need to be stated. 1) We moved to Colorado in 1955, not 1963.

2) While I was involved in the founding of Cong. Beth Evergreen, I was only one of eight people who contributed their time and energy into the project.

These days, people are often uncomfortable putting their names on the Internet. I will reach out to these people, and having received their permission, will post their names.

In the meantime, enjoy this – now, year old – article in the Daily Kos.

Dvar Torah: author & volunteer-extraordinaire Joanne Greenberg: Parashat Vayakhel.

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Yom Kippur 2018

I don’t usually go sniffing around my memories like a CSI on TV after DNA, but every so offers one comes up out of the swamp in a bubble. It was 1938, New York City in spring, when people come out to smell the flowers

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