A “Guinness” List You’ve Never Seen Before

1. The Largest Old Age Facility in each of the fifty states: Its Prisons.

2. The Largest Warehouse for the Mentally Ill in each of the fifty states: Its Prisons

3.The Hardest Treatment for Prisoners in each of the fifty states: The treatment of the deaf. These people are seldom supplied with basic information, representation, and counseling because of an absence of Signing professionals, guards ans psychologists. Few counseling or education programs are available for deaf prisoners and in the jails, they can miss meals, visits, etc., because no one informs them of times or places where they might sign up for special visits or programs.

Thought of the Day

Yom Kippur 2018

I don’t usually go sniffing around my memories like a CSI on TV after DNA, but every so offers one comes up out of the swamp in a bubble. It was 1938, New York City in spring, when people come out to smell the flowers

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