Spilt Milk

I went to find something at the back of the supermarket and found three employees dumping gallons of milk down the drain. When I asked why they were doing that, they said that the sell-by date had passed.

“Milk that’s over is cheese that hasn’t come yet,” I said. “Sell me the milk and I’ll make cheese out of it. Many poor people might do that, too and have a good lasagna cheese.”

“It’s the law,” they said.

“I’ll write a release, telling the authorities that I know the milk is past its sell-by date.”

“We could be prosecuted.”

“Give me the milk, then — I hate to see this waste.”

“Can’t do it. We’d be sued. We do this to keep the price up.”

“But poor people can’t buy this kind of cheese — it wouldn’t compete with the cheddars and swiss on sale — it’s more like ricotta, which they can’t afford. If poor people have more money, maybe they would spend it on more expensive dairy products.”

They said no and continued to pour the milk to waste.

I collect stories of unforeseen outcomes. Do you have any to share?