Miri, Who Charms (2010)

From the Jacket Cover

From girlhood through middle age, Rachel and Miri — two Jewish women living in Colorado — struggle to sustain a complex, often competitive friendship throughout the challenges that arise over many decades. Miri’s young daughter, Tamar, initially appears to offer the long-time friends a link that will strengthen their uneasy bond. But when Tamar develops a passion for a dangerous sport even before the girl reaches puberty, Rachel and Miri’s friendship faces a test more severe than any the women have ever experienced.

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Authors Notes

“How far can a person go on charm? Is charm ever dangerous? There’s also some caving, spelunking in this story, a little girl and her mother call it the magic kingdom. There is also an inquiry into how easy it is for one person to wish she had her friend’s life. My caving guide was Paul Burger, now in Carlsbad.”

Joanne Greenberg

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