On Thursday, I asked my husband, Albert, if he smelled something — there was a slight, but penetrating whiff of something near our refrigerator. We

An Empty Wish … If Only

I wish we could declare a moratorium on the phrase The American Dream … “Their share of the American Dream.” “I want my share of

I Owe France a Tip of the Hat

The kidnapper of the Dugard girl was a registered sex offender. He was checked on by careless people and was allowed his horror for eighteen

The donut from hell

Boulder, Colorado has decided to eliminate “unhealthy” food from all its civic vending machines, substituting “healthy” snacks. The rise in obesity has never been associated


Why doesn’t someone compute the huge upswing in obesity in America, in part, to quitting smoking? Everyone I know who was a heavy smoker gained

Incurable Illness?

It strikes me as odd that psychotropic medications are prescribed more than any others. These drugs are industrial strength antipsychotics and are being prescribed for