My Big Excitement

My big excitement for the month was the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. In the middle of my glorying over the ease with which

Rosh Hashanah -2011

I would like to deconstruct some of the Hebrew thoughts and words of the shortest, sunniest of all the 150 t’hilim in the Book of

Yom Kippur – 2011

Now and then, I get into conversations with people who, learning that I’m Jewish, go into a whole fandango about how all religions are the

Jim Anderson and Desi Arnaz

A thing I notice that is missing in modern sitcoms and even short dramas and reality shows is the presence of real work. The people

Fat II

Another reason for the upswing in obesity, besides our overeating after we stopped smoking, is the sucker punch the recent quantity of psychotropic drugs we