At Yiskor—we say Rest in Peace. That’s the last thing I want from my ever-increasing crowd of beloved dead. I want them down there or

Insomnia Goes to the Doctor

Ague, acne, carcinoma, Anthrax, boils, granuloma Botulism lues, cystitis Beri-beri, blepheritis. Dandruff, diabetes, coma, Chancre, shingles, melanoma, Atalectesis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and dermatitis. Creutfield-Jacobs, diarrhea, Cholera


The two kinds of geography intersect imperfectly. The objective geography lies down meekly on maps and charts, even when those maps detail impassable mountains and


Back in May, I was reading the portions of the Yiskor service where we were saying the prayers for the dead, the souls of people


Rabbi Jamie will talk about love. The word friend comes from a Sanskrit root meaning free. Next week I will show how they mesh. In

No Tour In Vietnam

Johny Ramos, who went to the school for the deaf in St.Augustine, was inducted by mistake into the service during the Vietnam War. Since he

Not Invited To The Riot

College kids were rioting in  those days, so the kids at Gallaudet, the world’s only college for the deaf, decided they needed to be part

How Would You Handle This?

“Pete Castle” was away from home, and going into freshman year at a community college in Denver. College for him, was a completely new cultural

Finished Spinning Project

I finished my spinning and weaving project, and you should see me in my new tunic. I took me a year to spin and weave